About Us


About Us

After eight years of being in the RV industry and realizing that customer satisfaction was not provided in the industry as well as it could be, Jamie Renegar founded Alpha RV Mobile Repair in January 2017. Shortly after starting Alpha, Jamie met Doug Vatter while repairing his RV in Jacksonville. Mr. Vatter saw potential in Jamie and his business model, and RV FastFix was born. RV FastFix has grown into a business prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality repair over anything else.

For RV Owners

RV FastFix provides an alternative to traditional RV repair, we come to you! No more time wasted traveling back and fourth to repair shops or waiting weeks to get your RV back. No more temporary living if you’re a full-timer. Say goodbye to those hotel bills!

At RV FastFix, we can do all aftermarket warranty repairs as well as most manufacturer warranty work.

For RV Manufacturers

We at RV FastFix have a commitment to all RV builders to provide an alternative to traditional facilities by never turning customers away and performing “right the first time” repairs.

We work hard to build trust and cooperate with all manufacturers to provide the best work in the most efficient way.

A happy RV buyer is a loyal buyer, and we want to keep your buyers happy and camping for years to come.

For RV Dealers

We at RV FastFix understand the struggles that dealers have in keeping existing and new owners satisfied.

Dealerships can develop backlogs from big sales months, parts problems, and other outside issues. We provide relief for those issues. We can help with deliveries, warranty work, and simple backlog reduction.

We see ourselves as an asset to dealers, our mutual goal is keeping customers happy, loyal, and camping!

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